Using Adobe Illustrator I designed a 2D shape using its net so that I can fold it into a 3D form. I also numbered each side so that I can refer to it once I have the 3D physical form

Using the Adobe Illustrator file, I scored the polypropylene material using a AP Laser cutter so that I knew where to cut further with an X-Acto knife. With the larger pyramid I had to account for the size limitations of the laser bed and size of material I could buy

After scoring and cutting with an X-Acto knife, I folded my object and held it in place with double sided tape. This created a 12" model representation of my larger piece. I wanted to create a prototype first so that I can test out the capabilities of the mapping software.

I mapped my object using Madmapper software and a Hitachi Projector. In Madmapper I created 5 triangular shapes, assigned the base design, chose the colors, and made two of the panels audio reactive.

In the larger object I had to account for the throw space of the projector in relationship to the 3D object and the aspect ratio of my projector + videos. Placement of the projector is also key because in order to use one projector, you will need to place the projector directly on top of your object, but in my case I had to use 2 projectors and 2 laptops.

Repeat the process of scoring material, cutting, and assembling 3D object. The final piece measured about 43" base + height.​​​​​​​