Britney A. King Artist statement

Yá’át’ééh (Hello),

My artwork is primarily composed of visual and audio re-mixes. I employ physical manipulation and sound-reactive techniques as experimental modes of re-envisioning and imagining post-colonial landscapes of identity, gender, and sexuality.

My artistic practice and research draw from my personal experience growing up on the Navajo Nation and as a Diné / Chippewa-Cree lesbian woman. This informs my exploration of land history, language, family of origin, and traditional/non-traditional ways of thinking.

My research involves finding connections and disconnections between Queer Theory, Native American Studies, and Art. Currently, I am looking at work that expresses ideas related to post-Indian, remix theory, field-based/bioregional research, and Queerness. The work I am showing are gestures that speak to “Queerness” within Navajo origin stories, language, and land histories and memories of home.

Ahéhee’ (Thank You)